Timm Crull

Timm was born in Cincinnati Ohio, into a truly Midwestern family. His father’s career moves took him to Boston, New York, and Southern California during my childhood. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in engineering and economics, he spent a decade working at IBM. Later, he founded Watermark Press, a graphic arts business in San Francisco.

Timm’s love of food and wine started back at Berkeley in the now-famous “gourmet ghetto” and morphed into many years spent as a home winemaker. He was lucky to get a piece of Rutherford in 1993, at which point his days as a farmer began. He feels like he’s “living the dream” as both the vineyard manager and winemaker for The Terraces.  When not growing grapes and making wine, he loves to spend time cooking, making things in his shop and tinkering in his gardens.