SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: We are unable to ship to the following states: AR, KY, MS & UT. Shipments going to AL must be shipped to an ABC store with store manager listed on the shipping address. **Availability Subject to Change**

Please note: As a small winery, we make every attempt to expedite the shipping process but are limited with what we can ship directly from the winery. This means many orders go to our fulfillment house for packing and shipping. Your order may not be set for shipping for a full week following your order confirmation. 

Shipping method refers to the transit time, not processing & packing procedures at the winery and does not give you an estimated date of delivery.  

If you need expedited shipping, please call us directly at 707-963-1707 and we will make every attempt to meet your request.

Inclement weather (hot or cold) can cause delays in the shipping process.